Online Burnout

This semester has been crazy but here’s some good news: we are already 1/3 of the way through! Prepping for midterms and studying non-stop in the deep dark dungeons of your parents’ basement may lead to some burnout, however. Here are some tips I’ve put together on how I’m trying to stay accountable this semester and how I’m trying to prevent from lagging behind on schoolwork: 

Better Late Than Never. 

If you at least sit down at your computer and attend all your synchronous lectures, you will not be behind on that aspect. Also, you may also be interested in what is being talked about and that will get your gears moving! Plus, worst case scenario, you at least listened to what your professor said, so you have some insight as to what is going on in your class. As well – extra participation grades! 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Get dressed, brush your teeth, make a coffee, put that camera on and action! You are more likely to stay focused and pay attention if everyone can see what you are doing! It will also encourage you to make sure you and your study space look presentable. 

The Light, it Burns! 

Take ten minutes, walk to get some coffee, or take your dog for a walk.  You’re not walking class to class anymore and being locked in the same room you sleep all day isn’t great for your health. Get some fresh air or at least open a window! 

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul.

The bright blue computer screen can really fatigue your eyes; print off some reading material, or write your notes by hand. You could even purchase blue-light blocking lenses; fo whatever works but don’t take this semester out on your poor eyes. 

Home is Where the Heart is…

So, use it! Make it the best study space you’ve ever had! I’m a dancer and very active so I have a ballet barre in my study space so that I can stretch after being crouched over my laptop for hours. I also use a yoga ball instead of a chair to improve my posture. I have decorated my study space with so many fall things because I adore the fall. I added a salt rock lamp for warm lighting and a diffuser for nice smells! Whatever makes your heart sing and makes you want to be in your study space!

These are just some suggestions, it’s really up to you to remain accountable, but you’ll feel so much better for it! You may even achieve better grades this semester than ever before, who knows?!