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I’m back at home and having to find ways to entertain myself, and this always brings me back to reminiscing. I know that I’ve needed a little bit of joy and laughter, so I’ve found myself looking at old Vines. Here’s a list of all of my favourite ones!


Road work ahead

On the list of iconic Vines, this is number one. And also, I really love puns so this is perfect.


Everything about this - the timing, the plot, the characters - always makes me laugh.

I’m Semi I stay automatic.

This is genuinely one of the best Vines I think I’ve ever watched. I consistently quote this, and it replays in my head nightly.

2 bros 5 feet apart

I don’t know how to explain how much I laugh at this. It cracks me up every single time.

Zack, stop.

This is just the funniest situation.

America explain

This is my whole mood. All of the time.

Hoodie behind ear

I want to have these dance moves.

Look at all those chickens

The fact that this child is more iconic than anyone I’ve ever met… What a queen. 

And they were roommates

They!!! Were!!! Roommates!!!

My croissant!!!

This has been me on more than one occasion. I could’ve dropped my croissant. 

Nicole is in her undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta, double majoring in Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies. On campus, you can find her volunteering for many organizations, or studying with friends, and getting coffee. During her free time, she loves to sing karaoke, watch cheesy rom-coms, and take all the naps. Find her on Instagram @nicoledegrano! 
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