My Current Favourite Dessert Spots On Whyte Ave

I have a huge sweet tooth and anytime I have the chance to try a new dessert, I take it. Recently I have been spending the breaks in between my classes to try different desserts places on Whyte Ave, and below is the accumulation of some of my favourites!


Ohana Donuts 


I personally am not a huge fan of donuts but Ohana Donuts are one of my exceptions. My personal favourite is a vanilla dip with vanilla cream in the center. The fluffiness of the donut combated by the sweet vanilla flavours are absolutely delicious and makes the perfect study snack. To balance the donut out I highly recommend one of their freshly squeezed lemonade, my favourite being the raspberry. 


Block 1912 


Not only is Block 1912 one of the best places to study when your off campus but it has some of the best desserts as well. I absolutely love the butterscotch cake and strawberry cheesecake and they are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. On a cold day the apple cider is an excellent choice, with delicious apple flavours and a cinnamon stick added for you to stir. The sizes of their desserts are also perfect for sharing, so grab your bestie and head down to Block 1912 to pick out the perfect dessert! 


DangerKat Waffles 


I recently went to DangerKat Waffles and I instantly fell in love. They carry both sweet and savoury waffles but I highly recommend trying one of their sweet waffles, specifically the banana foster waffle. DangerKat Waffles uses a fluffy beligian waffle as the outside wrap and then in the center puts bananas, skor bits, whip cream and caramel. This waffle is like heaven on earth and after trying it I don’t know if I could ever go back to normal waffles. DangerKat is a little bit hard to find, being situated in the alley behind the Cat Cafe but I highly recommend heading down to try out their waffles.


Sugared and Spiced 


I love a good bakery and Sugared and Spiced may be small but their desserts deliver a mighty punch. There mini cheesecakes are absolutely delectable and are in little cups so they are perfect for an on the go dessert. They also carry scones, my personal favourite the white chocolate raspberry, which makes an awesome breakfast option or an afternoon snack. Plus the entire atmosphere is sleek and regal that you feel like royalty while your sitting there eating your freshly baked treats.