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Introduction to Humans Of UAlberta

Each day we walk by people on our way to classes, and every day people are living a new day with a new page to their story. In a quick second, you can see a person’s whole story walk past you and never get to know even one page of the story. With the introduction of Humans of UAlberta, each entry you will be able to get a look at that one page of someone’s story. Get a glimpse of a student like you, living a life different from you. It is time to stop letting these stories just walk past as you and actually hear them.

Become more aware of the people around you on campus. Find a sentimental story that makes you think “maybe that midterm is not the end of my world”. Hear about the people who are pushing through when it seems like things in life are just trying to hold them down. Maybe, find a story much like yours, and feel comfort that you are not the only one going through hard times. 

Each day we see bits of people who seem to have perfect lives. Let’s unmask the real humans behind these illusions and see our campus in a new light. Feel sympathy for the people who walk stone face from class to class hiding so much more. Welcome to Humans of UAlberta and the stories walking our hallways. 

Kalie Tulan

U Alberta '21

I am currently getting a double major in Linguistics and Drama. I enjoy pushing myself in new creative ways, I find Her Campus pushes me to be more creative everyday.
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