Influencers Who Influence Me

Today, in 2019, everyone and their dog is active on social media, and a ton of people have a side hustle. “Influencer” is a title that many young women are striving towards, because they wish to be recognized - to be influential. I consume media on so many platforms, from podcasts, to Youtube, and Instagram, and I have noticed that most of the influencers who influence me can be found across many platforms. As a young woman, I have never been able to connector relate well with the women around me, so watching the Youtube videos of my favourite content creators allows me to have positive female role models, people to relate to, and people to compare/contrast my own life with. Interacting with the content that these women create, allows me to challenge my visions of myself and my future and they have encouraged me to begin working on a side hustle of my own! Check out my new and growing Youtube Channel here! 


Here are the top 15 influencers who influence me:


Natalie Barbu -


Maggie Macdonald -


Gretchen Geraghty -


Michelle Reed -


Jeanine Amapola - 


Danielle Carolan -


Brooke Miccio -


The Strive To Fit - Jamie -


Abby Asselin -


Carly Rowena -


Allegra Shaw -


Lauren Elizabeth -


Meghan Hughes -


Lipsticks & Lattes - Grace -


KianMDVlog - Kian -