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I Won’t Be Rocking the Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes

In June/July Sarah Jessica Parker opened up her first store in West Edmonton Mall and, needless to say, some young adults and middle aged women went mad. It was like Lord of the Flies in that store and, to be honest with you, I wasn’t dying of excitement for this new boutique to open up. I wasn’t ready to burn plastic, amd I was never a fan of Sex and the City. (There I said it.) I never gave in to the craze of Carrie Bradshaw or her friends. While other girls idolized her, I was idolizing Victoria Beckham or drooling over Louboutin shoes. Despite all of this, I was curious about her shoe line, so when the crowds died down I decided to pay the store a visit. When I arrived, it wasn’t as magically or luxurious as I had expected; the most luxurious things were the price tags. Here are a few reason’s why I won’t be wasting my hard earned coin on this shoe brand.


You can find the same styles at spring or Aldo

I could understand if these shoes were the type you can’t find anywhere else, (like Louboutin for example – you can’t really find the iconic shoes with the red sole anywhere else.) but these pink shoes with bows or glitter are oddly familiar. You can find extemely similar styles Aldo or Spring for half the price. If you love these shoes  for the style, I can tell you there are many stores that have almost identical ones for half the price.


You’re going to wear a $300 pair of shoe’s that’s going to scuff?

I’m sorry but they are 300 dollars ladies and gentlemen. How are you going to wear them outside and not be afraid that they will scuff? Scuffing is going to eventually happen and when they do, that’s a 300 pair of shoes scuffed. Are they just going to sit in the box and never see the light of day so they don’t get scratched, or are you going to avoid cement and find patches of grass? I have a moment when my $40 converse get dirty, I can’t emotionally handle a three hundred dollar pair of heels. I’d rather buy from a more iconic brand if I’m going to put down some major cash.

Now let it be known, I am not completely frugal with my money. I would lay some major cash for more Iconic labels. Yes, Sex and the City was iconic and so was SJP but she will be forgotten in 10-20 years. Louboutin is covenant. They are the shoes to end all shoes. You can not think of heels without the black shoes with red sole that are so iconic. All I am saying is, if you’re willing to put down major cash, you might as well drop it on a brand that will never go out of style.


They are made in Italy

Well, I can’t argue too hard with this one. Shoes made in Italy are usually very well made. However there are tons of shoes out there made in Italy that are not as expensive, or if they are similarly priced, they are more well known brands, Prada, Rossi, Fendi. Some are even at Hudsons Bay, Saks Off 5th, and thrift stores. You don’t have to look hard to find well made shoes.


With everything that’s been said, if the shoes make you feel good, then get them. Shoes are staples and a every woman should feel like a boss in their dream shoes. But if you want shoes that are more iconic, there are so many thrift shops and designer warehouses with cheaper shoes than SJP. Before you lay down some major cash look at what’s out there, there’s a dupe for everything.

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