I Visited A New Café and You Should Too



Sometime around a week and a half ago, I finally was able to visit the new plant-based café I have been waiting for, Pêche Café. I heard about it in the summer on social media from the pizzeria Die Pie. After that, I constantly thought about when it was going to open. 

Finally, when it did open, I made sure to make it there as soon as I could because I was excited to try all of their good food. When I arrived, the workers there were so nice, and they introduced themselves to me and showed me what they had to offer with their food. Of course, deciding on what I was going to eat was a big decision and I had to take some time to look everything over. I looked at their menu then I looked at their ready-made pastries. My heart was in a battle over what I wanted to eat. Finally, I decided on something that I think I knew I was going to get from the start. I got a slice of chocolate cake and it was the greatest decision of my life (it was also 11 in the morning but that didn’t stop me). 

They gave me a glass of water and then I sat down, ready to do some work on my laptop. A few minutes later, my piece of cake was brought out and to my surprise, they went the extra mile, they warmed the slice up. The woman who brought it to me also shared the Wi-Fi password with me so I could do my work, I was grateful on more than one account. 

The first bite of the cake was heavenly, I thought to myself, “what a great decision you have made on this day.” I continued with that thought in mind while I did some work on my laptop and continued eating the cake. But alas, tragedy struck, when I was almost done my piece of cake, I realized that this was too much sugar for me in this moment and perhaps I should have only eaten half of the slice. But the deed was done, and I had to live with the consequences. 

I handed back the plate to the people who worked there and made sure to convey my gratitude for the slice of cake. I asked when they would be able to serve pita and they said to check back soon and soon I will. 

Overall, the new plant-based café is a great place for so many reasons. It has great food and although I only tried one thing, I will be back to try more but this time with friends. Another reason this café is great is that they play awesome music that makes it a fun hangout spot.  Since they have Wi-Fi you can do your homework there too! The people who work there are so nice which is an added bonus that really made an impression on me. I really recommend anyone to check out this café because I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. 




Photos courtesy of Ranzell Ortega