How to Be Successful This Semester

We all walk into university thinking that this year is going to be our year. We're going stay on top of our homework and studying and get that 4.0 GPA. Let's be honest, we quickly lose that fantasy by the time the first round of midterms hit. However this semester should be different, will be different. This semester we’re going to get a rocking GPA, and here are 8 ways we're going to do it.


  1. Plan ahead

    Make sure you know what classes your taking, what the expectations and requirements are, and how you are going to divide your time this semester. Don't over commit yourself and only do as much as you can handle.


  1. Be organized

    Know what you have to do and when you have to do it by. Make sure your study space is organized and that you have everything you need before you start studying. Turn all your distractions off and make sure your time is well spent.


3.   Set reasonable goals

    Don't force yourself to get a paper done in one night. It is not realistic and it will make you hate yourself. Set a certain amount of time each night to study or do homework for each subject. Know all of your deadlines so you can set yourself up for success and not stress yourself out.


4.   Review notes daily

    This will make studying so much easier and help you retain information easier. Rewriting your notes after class has also been proven to improve how much you retain. This can only benefit you, so why not try and keep on top of your notes?


5.   Stay on top of your work

  It's so easy to tell yourself that you'll get it done tomorrow. Get it done today and focus on something else tomorrow. Make sure you are caught up on everything and not leaving a paper to the last minute.


6.   Turn in all your assignments

    Even if the assignment doesn't count, is extra credit, or counts for a very small percentage, do it. Every grade counts and can make all the difference in the end.


7.   Talk to your Professors  

    They might seem scary, intimidating, and out to get you, but for the most part professors are there to help you. Now, some are jerks (I speak from experience), however most want to see you succeed and don't feel good when half the class fails. Go to their office hours, get to know them, and ask for help. They legally aren't allowed to bite.


8.   Stay on top of your mental health

    This is vital to the success of your semester. Stress and depression are so easy to fall into and can quickly affect your grades and your relationships. Stay in tune with what your body and mind are telling you and take a step back if you need to. Nothing is more important than your health, so take care of yourself.