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HC Team Spotlight: Events Director – Rachel Mills


Rachel is our incredible events director for Her Campus UAlberta. Rachel is in charge of planning and executing our social events such as bake sales, study sessions, and more. She is in her senior year getting a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. We asked Rachel to tell us more about her and her passion for Her Campus, and this is what she shared with us!


Why did you decide to join Her Campus UAlberta?

I joined Her Campus UAlberta because I wanted to help in the creation of a platform that would allow women on campus to have a voice through their writing. I wanted to be apart of something bigger that would allow women to write about whatever they choose. Articles can be based on the author’s personal interests, the big conversations of the world around us, or even just a new trend. There is a place for every writer here, and that’s really what drew me in.


What is your favourite topic to write articles about? Why?

My favourite topics to write articles about is anything related to the world around me. I had a lot of fun writing my first ever piece for Her Campus that was about what my degree in political science has done to influence my worldview. I hope to write more articles about important issues that affect our world, as I am extremely passionate about advocacy and awareness.


What item will you never leave the house without?

You usually won’t find me without lip chap and my water bottle once I’ve left the house for the day! My day just always feels a bit off without these things.


What is your fall fashion look?

There is really no way to describe my fall style. Sometimes, my outfits will be super trendy and in line with the cooler weather. On these days, I’m very into scarves and colours such as burnt orange, for example. On other days, I can be seen wearing lululemon leggings and a hoodie. So, like I said there is really no way to describe it because it is really all over the map.

Share some fun facts about you with us?!

I am very passionate about making a difference in the world around me and love to help others, both in my community and around the world. I love to travel and have a long list of places I would love to see if I get the chance. I love all types of dogs, but most specifically corgis! I hope to own at least a few one day.


Robin is a senior student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. She is getting a Science Degree, with a Psychology major and a double minor in Sociology & Biology. Part-time jobs, full-time classes, various student groups and volunteering fill most of her time. Robin is the 2020/2021 President of Her Campus at UAlberta and served as the social media director for the 2018/2019 year!
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