Greek Life Spotlight: Theta Chi Fraternity

This semester, Her Campus at UAlberta wants to showcase different student groups on campus, one of which is the Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Alberta! We reached out to the President of the Zeta Gamma Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity, Luke Janiszewski, to find out more about their fraternity. 


Can you give us some background on Theta Chi fraternity, and the Zeta Gamma Chapter?

Theta Chi was founded in 1856 as a military fraternity. Our University of Alberta Chapter opened in 1965. Our motto back in 1856 was “The Assisting Hand”. To this day, we uphold this motto to the best of our ability. Selflessness, and the ability to give back to others without expecting anything in return are important ideals for us. We strive to help not only each other but the greater community as well. The Zeta Gamma chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is the only Canadian Theta Chi chapter. The rest of the 159 other active chapters are American. We make Theta Chi an International Organization because of this.


That’s incredible! What makes your chapter and brotherhood you guys share unique?

Our brotherhood has always been very tight and this has been the case ever since 1965 when our chapter first started. Part of that comes from being a very small chapter. Everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other well as well as to partake in the leadership of the chapter. At the Zeta Gamma chapter, everyone values each other and everyone is dependent on one another. These are how bonds are created in our chapter.


What is the general vibe of your fraternity? What do you want potential new members to know?

The vibe is always relaxed. So much so that you can often find people at the fraternity house napping in between classes. I like to think of the fraternity house as a place you can go to decompress after a long day at school. It’s a stress free zone. Self-care has and always will be important to us. That being said, the more effort you put into the fraternity, the more you get out of it. Everyone here knows this and people participate because they want to participate and not because they have to.


What opportunities do you offer? What does leadership, philanthropy, and events look like for you guys? 

We are a very diverse chapter with very diverse interests. Chances are, someone in the chapter has the same interests you do! Some come to volunteer. Being that we are a military fraternity, we like to raise money every year for charities such as Wounded Warriors. Others come for the leadership opportunities and are interested in improving their resumes. Being a small chapter, there is always room for someone who wants a leadership role! Others just seek a close circle of friends that they can hangout with anytime they want to. Whether it’s athletics, social events, studying, video games, or whatever you’re in the mood for, we have something for everyone!


Is there anything you, as president, would like to say about your time in the Zeta Gamma Chapter of Theta Chi?

Theta Chi changed me for the better. 4 years ago, I was an entirely different man. I was a lost first-year university student who struggled with all aspects of his life. Nowadays, I excel in every aspect. I am who I am today because of Theta Chi Fraternity. I wouldn’t trade my university experience for anything because it was everything I wanted it to be and it’s all thanks to Theta Chi Fraternity.