Fuel your Caffeine Addiction on Campus

Have you been on campus, dying of exhaustion and needing that little bit of coffee to get you through the rest of the day? Here are the best places on campus to get that caffeine fix with minimal lines – or who are the ones worthy enough to wait.


Starbucks (best to worst)

  1. NREF
  • Always have really nice people
  • Never busy and no line
  • Super-fast


  1. CCIS
  • The line may be 30 people long, but you will be out of there in 10 mins
  • Has nice people working there


  1. ECHA
  • Overall 10/10 and a great spot to study – if you can find a table


  1. Cameron Starbucks
  • Really slow


    Tim Hortons (Best to Worst)

    1. CAB Full Tim’s
    • The best because of the bagels
    • The real MVP’s 
    • Open on weekends with modified hours


    1. Express Tim’s in KATZ
    • doesn’t take one card


    1. CAB express Tim’s
    • Not as busy but shorter hours


    1. Express Tim’s in ETLC
    • Never-ending lines
    • Only coffee shop on all of campus that doesn’t offer dairy alternatives


    Tory Second Cup

    • Good lattes but machines are always broken (their vanilla lattes are my favourite)
    • It is the ice cream machine at McDonald's


    Cookies by George in HUB

    • Really good coffee
    • Always have coupons in the SUB planner


    HUB Coffee Shop (that no one knows the name of)

    • The Daily Grinds little sister who hasn’t reached her full potential quite yet
    • It's good but could be better
    • London fogs, vanilla lattes, snacks are all good
    • Workers are always nice

    The Daily Grind in SUB

    • All of the fogs are #1
    • Best discount for bringing your own cup
    • The only place on campus that has fully compostable cups #sustainable
    • When you book a teatime with Unitea, you get a free tea or coffee from the daily grind
    • Open late during finals


    BioSci/CCIS Remedy

    • Can never find a spot to sit but it moves quickly
    • Their ginger molasses cookies are the best