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Forward Ever, Backward Never, At A Halt For The Most Part

I’m no stranger to this feeling, but something about staying in my house for months on end has definitely intensified the feeling of stagnation for me. Its been hard to feel stimulated without the dozens of unique daily encounters I was guaranteed at my job, or the random, unexpected experiences that made being on campus so special, or the conversations with friends that got me through even the most tedious classes. For me this lack of stimulation had led to a halt in my personal growth. And while it can be hard to face the fact that you’re not growing, there are some actionable ways to do something about it;

Be more spontaneous.

It’s definitely harder to do in this period, but take advantage of any chances you get to do so. One thing I did recently was go on a very last-minute road trip to with a friend and it ended up being a really great bonding experience.

Meet new people.

Again, as long as you do so safely and responsibly, this is a sure way to broaden your perspective and gain new experiences. I’ve found that the key is to not have super high expectations when you meet new people; just take in each encounter as it comes.

Broaden your interests.

Maybe what you think is a dislike for movies in general is just a dislike for the blockbusters you always happen to watch. Or maybe, deep down, you might actually like sports; you just haven’t found your favourite one yet.

Set some new goals for yourself.

This is an easy way to make sure you are continuously working towards something. Whether its learning how to drive or teaching yourself how to cook some new recipes, the satisfaction that comes when you accomplish a new goal is a pretty great feeling.

Read more, and listen more too.

Self explanatory but this is a great way to hear from different perspectives and become a more critical thinker in the process. Podcasts are another great way to do both things.

Ver-Se Denga

U Alberta '21

Ver-Se is in her 4th year of uni, studying Biology and Psychology and serving as Senior Editor of the UAlberta Chapter. She loves to read and can't imagine a world without Chimamanda Adichie in it.
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