Finding My Place

When I came to the University of Alberta, I was not sure what my university career had in store for me. I got an amazing roommate and made life-long friends my first year in Lister Residence, but fast forward to second year and I was lost. The girl I was going to live with couldn’t come back, and my friends already had living arrangements that couldn't be switched, so I was by myself. I saw them regularly as I had a class with them, and we studied together, but that was only around 3 days a week. I still came home and sat alone in my room for the rest of the night. I didn’t know my roommate, nor did I ever see her, so it was basically like living by myself. When finals rolled around my anxiety was through the roof because I had no one to talk me down, or just be there with me. My best friends were in another residence and weren’t across the hall like first year. 

When second semester had rolled around, I met up with one of my best friends for a hockey game and she told me all about her experience so far in a sorority. So, she gave my information to their recruitment officer and the next thing I knew I was going for coffee dates with some girls from Alpha Gamma Delta. I never felt more comfortable getting to know someone than I did during those few meetings. I knew that if all the girls were like this, it could become my home away from home. Fast forward a couple of weeks (again) and I was a new member of Alpha Gamma Delta. 

I never pictured my self as a sorority girl, but meeting everyone and feeling so welcomed and appreciated, the idea grew on me. These girls are my best friends, my sisters, my confidants. They are there for you at the press of a button and will do anything to help you out. Alpha Gamma Delta gave me a home away from home - and being the girl who calls her mom multiple times a week, that was needed. My anxiety was decreased in the second semester, and I felt like I had a purpose on campus now. I wasn’t just some random student floating through university. The campus became smaller as I recognized faces, and I made (and am still making) new friends in other Greek organizations. 

Alpha Gamma Delta helped me find, not only my place at University but also helped find myself. I had always liked volunteering, and Alpha Gam gave me the resources to expand that. I am slowly getting better at public speaking, and my leadership skills are improving all because I took a leap of faith and decided to join.