Cute Gift Ideas For The Holidays

I'm sure that we aIl agree that the holidays are about so much more than gifts, but it's fun when you get a chance to treat your friends and family to something special. If you find yourself at a standstill for what to get a friend or your sister, etc. for a gift this year, check out the list below for some cute ideas that they might enjoy!


Vacuum-insulated Travel Mug



Keep the tea super hot this winter! I just got the S’well Vacuum-insulated Traveler in the light pink last month, and it actually keeps drinks hot forever. Sometimes I find that I need to take the lid off for a while so that it cools down enough to handle drinking. They come in so many cute colours and patterns too!



I have a bit of a tumbler obsession. There’s nothing better than sipping some iced green tea out of the perfect one. I recently saw this shiny, iridescent, textured surface one at Starbucks, and immediately added it to my Christmas list. It’s probably the most glamorous cup I have ever seen. This picture doesn't do it justice, so please head to your local Starbucks ASAP to see it in person!


Scented Candles

My absolute favourite candle right now from Bath and Body Works is the Twisted Peppermint. It’s this amazing sweet, peppermint candy scent, and this year’s packaging has an adorable sparkly pink design. I also really enjoy the Tis’ The Season candle, it gives off amazing sweet and spicy holiday vibes.








I have been loving the Comforter Bubble Bar lately, it creates such beautiful magenta toned bubbles that smell of blackberry and black currant, and lasts for so many baths! I just finished my latest one and got six baths out of it.



Another cute holiday favourite is the Snow Fairy products that smell like the sweetest candy. I also love mint for the holiday season (really anytime of year though), and the Christingle Body Conditioner smells amazing and it's so moisturizing!



Soft Sweaters



Combining style, warmth, and coziness is essential in the winter. Aerie is currently serving so many amazing sweaters like these “naughty-ish” and “nice-ish” ones.


Images used:

Pink Topaz Traveler


Twisted Peppermint Candle

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Little Snow Fairy

"Naughty-ish" and "Nice-ish" Sweaters