The Canadian Forces Need Holiday Letters

In a recent tweet, @CAFinUS, the official account for the Canadian Forces in the United States, kindly requested that Canadians write letters to our out-of-country troops. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is a great way to brighten someone’s day when they are away from home and their families. 


Don’t know what to write in your letter? Here are a few ideas!


  • Thank them for their service

  • Tell them how you are planning to spend your holiday season

  • Tell them about a recent event that you enjoyed or would have liked to attend

  • If you’re religious, you can include a prayer or a positive affirmation

  • Any other Christmas/holiday season greetings that you want to include


While it may seem nice to send over a few trinkets from their Canadian home, the forces request that written correspondence only contains letters or cards (so no gifts). What can take you as little as two minutes can brighten one of our soldier’s entire day.


You can send a letter to:


Any Canadian Armed Forces Member

PO Box 5004 Stn Forces

Belleville, ON

K8N 5W6


More things to note courtesy of the tweet:

  • You can specify a specific mission or region

  • Postage required

  • They should be received by December 9th


Whether it’s on your own, with your family, or with a group of friends, writing a letter or card to one of our Armed Forces Members just feels good. It’s also the least we can do for their service.


Find the link to the tweet here:

And more guidelines here: