Adventures in Cooking: Blondies

For the next step in my cooking/baking adventure, I decided to make some blondies. Now before I get into my experience I’m going to be completely honest and admit that these weren’t my favourite. Blondies are often described as Brownies cousin, a baked dessert that is without chocolate and is instead packed full of brown sugar and butterscotch. However, after making these Blondies I personally prefer Brownies more. The Blondies were still a tasty dessert and a blast to make so I have decided to write about my experience and include the recipe in case you want to try it yourself!

The first step was searching online for the perfect recipe and after a couple of minutes, I came across this one: The recipe seemed pretty straightforward and all of the ingredients, with the exception of the butterscotch chips, were all readily available in my pantry.  

Once I got all my ingredients together I started to follow the steps in creating my batter. However, one thing that caused a little bit of trouble for me was the butter quantity. The recipe is a bit confusing in that it says ½ cup of butter but then in brackets 1 stick, two measurements that are completely different. I decided to follow the ½ cup measurement however I quickly realized that I would need much more butter. The recipe has very little liquids so the Blondies are extremely reliant on butter to keep the batter together.  I would also highly recommend doubling the measurements as I found that it made very little batter. 

After I tackled the butter issue and put my concoction in the oven I decided to cook it for the recommended time. Another note I would make here is definitely cook it for closer to 40 minutes, as the recommended time left the batter still a bit raw. On the other, hand be very careful that you don’t overcook it as it can harden once it cools and can become the consistency of a hockey puck.  

Once the Blondies were done cooking and cooling I cut them into squares and they were ready to be consumed. Overall my experience was pretty good, however like I stated at the beginning, I won't be racing to make these treats again anytime soon as I prefer the rich chocolate found in Brownies.