7 Shows I Watch That Always Make Me Happy


After a long day of classes and studying, I just need to relax, and watching television is one way I de-stress. Here are 7 shows that always make me happy that can brighten your day too.


My friend recommended Chuck to me a couple years ago, and it changed my life. This show is about a normal guy who is a bit of a nerd that gets an email from an old college friend who introduces him to the life of a spy, leading him on incredible adventures with amazing people. It had a relatable main character that made you envision being in his position. It had romances that you wished you could have and super suspenseful moments with no obvious solution that somehow resolve in the end. I have watched this show over and over even though I know there are parts that are going to break my heart, but each time, it’s worth it. Chuck makes me happy not only because he’s just a nerd who gets to be a spy which is my secret (or not so secret) dream but also has friends and family that he puts before anything else.

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM is a classic show in my books that will always be in my heart. Teds’ quest for love makes for a captivating, feel-good show that anyone can enjoy. It’s like we can live vicariously through him with all the wild mistakes that he makes. This show starts out with Ted telling his children a story about how he met their mother. This launches into several seasons of Ted telling stories of his life that leads up to meeting their mother. In his stories, Ted is always dating a new woman, and a lot of the time it does not end up well. We laugh not only because we see the bad outcome coming but also because of how dramatic he can be, while his friends always find the humorous side of every situation. Throughout the show, him and his friends go through up and downs all the while Ted never gives up looking for his true love. I love this show because you get attached to each character and their storyline, and each episode undoubtedly makes me laugh.


I would always watch Friends reruns on TV when I was younger, and when I found it on Netflix, it became a show I would constantly turn to. It’s about three young men and three young women in New York who are the best of friends. They have their ups and downs l like in any relationship, but they always make up, even after they were “On A Break!!” Whether it’s the drama between Ross and Rachel, the crazy things that Phoebe and Joey are doing, the way Monica fusses over everything, or the one liners from Chandler, it makes for an unforgettable show that by watching even one episode I end up feeling way better afterwards.

Doctor Who

While I was originally hesitant on this show, I found that once I started watching it that I couldn’t stop. This is one of the best sci-fi shows I have ever watched!  Doctor Who originally started in the 60’s and ran till 1989, but it was rebooted in 2005. The main character is The Doctor who is an alien that can regenerate because he is a Time Lord, a race of humanoids that are from the planet Gallifrey. He is usually accompanied by one or more companions, and with their help, he saves multiple worlds all over time and space. Doctor Who is a show that really makes me happy because even if a situation is bad The Doctor always finds a way out, and I find that inspiring. Please take the time to watch it if you haven’t already.

PS: The 13th Doctor is, for the first time, a woman! She will appear in the 11th  season later this year.


I love musicals, so why wouldn’t I love it in TV form? I’ve watched Glee since the day it aired, and it was so different from anything I had seen. They sang songs that I loved and others that I never heard before but now loved because of Glee. I usually only watch until season 3 since after the original cast graduates from high school the show is not the same, and I don’t love it as much.  Despite this, it is still a good show that discusses important topics while dealing with the teenage drama that comes with high school. This show makes me happy not only because I am a sucker for cliché teenage drama but also because this show sticks up for the underdog. It represents the “unpopular” kids in a way that says, “We don’t care what you think of us; we will just continue to shine.”

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was another show that I was hesitant to watch. I thought it wouldn’t have actual substance, but once I started watching, I was hooked. This show is about the lives of a young mother and her daughter in the small town of Stars Hallow with lots of cool characters who are constantly involved in their lives that add to the show perfectly. It talks about issues involving family, class, high school, and financials. This show is also incredibly witty, and of course, there was the cliché drama that comes with any teenager and their mom. It also made me feel real emotions that I always appreciate. I am always happy to watch an episode of the Gilmore girls just to watch a feel-good show.

Adventure Time

If you look at the list I have of TV shows that I watch, you will find one thing missing: cartoons. Adventure Time is one cartoon I make an exception for and always love. It’s about a boy and his magical dog that together fight off evil in the Land of Ooo and always help their friends with whatever they need. The humor is dumb and doesn’t always make a lot of sense, but that’s what I love about it. It makes me happy that, for a couple minutes, I can get lost in a world that is fun and creative. If you’re looking for a funny cartoon to just lift your spirits, I would recommend this.


Photo courtesy of Pexels.