6 Affordable Drugstore Beauty Products

University is a hard time. You want to look good but tuition and loans make it almost impossible for you to afford anything. Looking good shouldn’t have to break the bank and you should still be able to be able to play around with makeup and express yourself. So my thought is, can looking good come at a cheaper price for all my girls in the school debit struggle? Turns out it can. A lot of drugstore makeup companies have been upping their product game for the last bit and you can now find high quality makeup for a cheaper price. Here are my top 6 drugstore beauty products that you must try and it won’t break your wallet

  1. 1. Wet N Wild Eye Shadows

    If you know anything about the drugstore brand Wet N Wild, you know that their eyeshadows are quite the hot seller at the moment and they are known to be almost as good as luxury brands. I have personally used both the powder eyeshadows and liquid shadows and both are mind-blowingly amazing. They are long lasting and highly pigmented. It’s as blendable as any drugstore eyeshadow can be. There is some fallout, but not as bad as your average eyeshadow palette. I would give both the liquid and powder shadows a try next time you’re at a drugstore.

    Price: around $5.00


  2. 2. Essence Eyebrow Gel

    These are super cute and easy to carry with you. The wand is a decent size and the product is fairly pigmented; it makes your brows look as natural as it can while giving them that pop of color that would make anyone envious. The product does kind of smudge so let it sit for a little while. A little goes a long way. 

    Price around $3.00


  3. 3. Essence Liquid Liner

    This liquid eyeliner is high in pigmentation and has an 18-hr wear time. The brush is precise and for a three-dollar liner it dries pretty well. Be warned though this liquid eyeliner is a bit watery and transfers easily at first so you may want to use a towel or hardwood floor if any spills. Regardless with the pigmentation and wear time this jet-black eyeliner is still a good quality item for dirt cheap.

    Price around $3.00


  4. 4. E.L.F Liquid Lip Stain

    If you want a lip stain that’s medium to full pigmentation look no further. E.L.F cosmetics is a popular brand amongst all the university beauty gurus and is found in almost every drugstore. The brand is cruelty free and some of their items are better than high end makeup. If you’re sipping your pumpkin spice lattes and don’t want your lipstick to come off try the liquid lip stain from E.L.F. Its pigmentation is pretty good and the amount of transfer is better than most lipsticks out there. One thing I really like about E.L.F lip stains is that it doesn’t dry out your lips and it’s not a struggle to get it off at the end of the night either. It stays intact and you’re not scrubbing it off either.

    Price around $5.00


  5. 5. NYX Full Coverage Concealer

    NYX is probably known to be the closest thing to high end beauty products for a cheaper cost. This brand is known for its eye shadow palettes and lipsticks; however, it has another product that is just waiting to blow up and that is the Full coverage concealer. This concealer is probably my holy grail. Now that I have to wake up early for school I am starting to get bangs under my eyes. It comes in a little pot but has so much product in it, it could last you MONTHS. The coverage is amazing and manages to hide acne and dark circles, which is what every girl wants when exams come around.  It’s medium to full coverage but it isn’t cakey and doesn’t leave lines like some concealers do. It’s a must try for any girl who suffers from dark eyes and acne.

    Price: around $10.00


  6. 6. Sephora 10 hr Wear Foundation

    This is the most expensive thing on my list but it is really cheap for a high coverage foundation. Sephora’s 10 hr wear foundation is the hidden gem amongst all the overly priced subpar foundations. It’s not super thick or watery it’s a mixture of both and good for both oily and dry skin. The coverage is really good and it is hard to believe they sell it for only $25. It comes with a fair amount of product and because a little goes a long way, it could very well last you six months. It has a wide variety of shades as well. There’s no creasing and doesn’t transfer a lot. The wear time is true it’s claims and does last 10 hrs. I would seriously consider this foundation if you are looking for something with good coverage and that'sn still affordable.

    Price: around $25.00