5 Things I’m Planning for Reading Week (And You Should Too)

Reading week is next week and for UAlberta students, myself included, that means trying to fit catching up on readings and assignments, studying for midterms, planning out final essays, at least one social outing, some relaxation and maybe a trip into one week. It can be disappointing to have a list full of tasks for reading week and realize that you wasted the whole time sleeping and going through social media. To avoid this disappointment, I came up with 5 easy-to-accomplish things to do during reading week so I can come back from break feeling ready to finish the semester strong:


  1. 1. Do Some Non-Academic Reading

    I used to love reading. Daily readings for class, though, have made it difficult and unappealing to read for leisure. So, for reading week I want to read an unassigned piece of literature – a book, a poem, anything – that will hopefully give me a small sense of enjoyment that I used to feel from reading for fun.

  2. 2. Create a Timeline for the Rest of the Semester

    While it is tempting to avoid any thought of school during reading week, I know that future me will be grateful (and hopefully more productive) if I remind myself of the deadlines that used to seem far away. By planning out my assignments and breaking them down into segments, I can reduce the potential end-of-semester mental breakdown caused by overwhelming deadlines.

  3. 3. Wake Up Early One Morning… For Fun

    I’m a morning person that has begun to dread mornings because of early morning classes. During reading week, I plan to wake up early one day to go back to loving mornings. What I do that morning will be up to me, maybe I’ll fit in my non-academic reading and timeline planning so I can have the rest of the day to do other things; or maybe I’ll cook myself a delicious breakfast unlike the usual protein bar in the morning I have during school days. No matter what I do on my early morning, I’m planning to enjoy it without the heavy feeling in my chest I feel when I have to leave for school.

  4. 4. Catch Up With Friends

    “I’m really busy right now with school but we should for sure catch up during reading week!” I have had this conversation way too many times without following through. It’s valid, though, between school, work and home commitments, it can be hard to have a social life with people who don’t have the same schedule as you. Whether it’s a study date, going to a friend’s place or going out for a meal, I plan to catch up with those that I don’t see very often during schooldays. 

  5. 5. Go Somewhere New

    It can be a new country, city, restaurant, or even part of town to visit – the ultimate goal is to switch up the usual scenery of campus, your home and your workplace. While this venture may not be life-changing, you never know when you can find a new favorite place or make a great memory. Even if the place sucks, at least you went somewhere other than the library or the same coffee shop line-up.