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5 Things Every UAlberta Girl Can Relate To

  1. Humanities bathrooms are really small

I get that way back in the day, it wasn’t common for most women to go post secondary and therefore the bathrooms weren’t that busy or crowded. But in 2019, the number of women on campus has increased, and the bathrooms are BUSY. Maybe it’s time for the University to start upgrading our bathrooms so we don’t end up peeing our pants or being late to class.


  1. Excuse me… I need a tampon

As much as I’m super happy about the new project in place for free menstrual products on campus, I feel a little awkward picking up a tampon from the info link desk, especially if there’s a male working the desk.  Excuse me, I’ll be taking one of these and going now…. I wish they were in the bathrooms instead.


  1. There needs to be more girl power in Engineering 

I am not an engineering student, nor would I even be smart enough to handle all that math and science, but my friend graduated from engineering and she said there are not many females in the Faculty of Engineering. This needs to change, and there needs to be a stronger female presence to keep the boys in check, and to give them a run for their money.


  1. The Van Vilet Gym is a feeding ground for men to gawk at you.

I love working out and keeping fit, but at some point most girls who have been to our campus gym has been eyed by one of guys in the gym. Have you never seen a female working out before? I like being fit too, this isn’t new! (and please stop staring at my butt!)


  1. Save your pickup lines for the dating apps

If a girl (or anyone) is studying on campus, whether it be in the library, in a study room or in a classroom, it is not an open invitation to hit us up and see if your old pickup lines are still working. I am studying, I have an exam, and I want to pass this class. You’re cute but that 4.0 GPA is cuter.

Kate Puim

U Alberta '24

Visual Communications graduate turned psychology student. I'm a master at finding affordable beauty products and stylish outfits. I dig coffee, chocolate, bold lipstick and pandas. Mental health advocate and your new best friend.
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