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Take a sigh of relief that finals are over, time to relax and unwind. After all, school has been stressful for the past eight months, and now it’s finally time to enjoy the greatness of life, by staying in bed and binge watching some great shows! Here are 5 Netflix originals that are perfect for binging, in no particular order because I love them all too much:

The Hookup Plan

This show is an adorable French rom-com that’s best described as a modern day, gender-reversed, quirkier version of Pretty Woman. This show is perfect show for relaxing with a nice face mask on and a sangria in hand. The characters are hilarious, relatable, and the story is super cute. Clear out your schedule when you start this show, cause I binged this in one day, during the term, but I don’t regret any of my decisions!

Money Heist

Money Heist is a great, super intense heist series full of badass characters and a great plot. Every episode is full of twists that’ll leave you jumping to click the Next Episode button, you don’t even need to think it through during the 15 second wait time. Being honest, this show is super intense and will give you all the feels, so be prepared to be glued to your screen for a couple days because you’ll be dying to know what happens.

The Santa Clarita Diet

So, I started this show as soon as finals were over for me, and I finished it barely a day later. This show is a great mix of everything worth loving, family, humor, and light cannibalism. Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) is a timid realtor who turns undead after an unfortunate incident. Watch as she juggles family, her marriage, her job, and some entrails. It’ll make the trauma of the finals feel very distant and manageable in comparison!

The Umbrella Academy

This show is amazing, it is a perfect combination of angst, humor, action, and great music. The portrayal of family is totally on point and relatable to anybody with siblings. The soundtrack is popping, and it’ll definitely satisfy your inner emo thirteen. Basically, the fate of the world is up to a supremely dysfunctional family of superheroes. Just imagine trying to get your siblings to agree on a place to eat, then multiply that by a thousand.    

Good Girls

This is the show for you when you’re feeling vindictive. In my opinion, everybody can have a little vindictive streak, and sometimes it feels super great to lean into that feeling. Instead of burning any bridges, binge Good Girls. It’s every bit as satisfying to watch the three protagonists turn from their everyday lives to anarchy, while smiting everyone in their way. Good Girls is a dark comedy that’ll leave you wanting more.

And that wraps up 5 great Netflix originals to binge after finals. Get your PJs on, ice cream out, and girlfriends over cause you won’t want to stop these shows till they’re over. Enjoy!

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Helen Ma

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Helen is in her second year at the University of Alberta. Born and raised in Edmonton you can often find her burrowed under fifteen blankets to avoid the cold. When not stressing out about her classes she's usually reading, binge-watching sit-coms, drinking far too many caffeinated beverages and chilling with her dog.
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