5 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants

Plants are little joys in my life. Whether it's spring and all the plants are coming back to grace us with their fresh beauty, or it's fall and everything is changing colors, plants are absolutely amazing and perfect. So here are 5 reasons why you should have plants in your room.

  1. 1. If you can’t have pets, plants are a fantastic alternative

    They still require responsibility and care, but they won’t go against any no pets rule. You get to see them grow and thrive without much effort.

  2. 2. They put more oxygen into the room

    Plants release more clean air into the room and the air in general. They make your room a better atmosphere for working and thinking, which can lead to better grades and better overall thinking!

  3. 3. They are the right balance of responsibility and laziness

    You can get a variety of plants that take different levels of care. Cacti and succulents can live a long time without water or any attention at all. However, some plants that need water more often, fertilizer, and all the other bells and whistles will make you work a bit harder. Either way, plants still keep you accountable. Accountability is also terrific for mental health. Even when it's hard to want to take care of yourself, the responsibility of taking care of your plant will hold you accountable and get you out of bed.

  4. 4. They add a nice pop of color to any room

    You can have a small tree, different colored cacti, plants with flowers, or even just a regular green plant. Any of them will add a beautiful pop of color to your room and look amazing on any desk or window sill.

  5. 5. You get to have plants babies and be a plant parent

    Enough said.

All in all, I think everyone needs plants to take care of. It’s a fantastic responsibility, and you can never go wrong with them.