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5 Reasons to Watch “Altered Carbon”

In early February, a new show was released on Netflix that really caught my eye. I’m always a sucker for anything related to sci-fi or a dystopian society, and this was just another great show to add to my list.

Here are five reasons why I think you should watch it too. (CAUTION: SPOILERS!)

Dystopian Future

Have you ever imagined the future? Well, Altered Carbon gives us a dystopian future with advanced technology that allows people to live again in new bodies. These new bodies are referred to as “sleeves” on the show. The more money you have, the better sleeve you can obtain. The richest individuals can even afford to make clones! The rich live completely different from everyone else, some even live in the sky. Flying cars are the means of transportation-and that is not limited to the rich- the police have them, too.  There are also hotels controlled by artificial intelligence, what more could you want from a dystopian future?

High Society Controls All

We all love an underdog story. In this society, the rich seem to control everything, including the legal system (as we later find out) which doesn’t allow for opposition. The poor neighbourhoods in the city are filled with people willing to do anything for money, like selling their sleeves and letting the rich use them anyway they want. Although this seems like a grim world to live in, everyone seems resigned to their positions in society. Which makes it so exciting when the status quo is disrupted.

Crazy Fight Scenes

I don’t know about you, but I can tell when a fight scene was not correctly choreographed in a TV show or movie. In Altered Carbon, I find myself holding my breath during the fight scenes because they are so real and are well executed. You will love this show if you’re a fan of authenticity in combat.

Minority Representation

Although the main character Takeshi Kovacs is Caucasian, he wasn’t always. In previous sleeves, he was Asian. The other main characters include people from Black, Hispanic, and Asian backgrounds. The characters are powerful, compelling, and well represent people of all backgrounds. Although society is separated by class, it does not seem to care much about race.

Powerful Women

I like shows that feature women who can fight for themselves and are equals with the men around them. In this show, powerful women are strongly represented. There is a woman who leads a rebellion against the government in the fight for freedom. A female police officer, who will do anything to uncover the truth. A warrior who ruthlessly cuts down anyone in her way. It is important to see empowered women in TV shows, so girls like me have something to relate to and feel powerful too!

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Ranzell Ortega

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Ranzell is a 4th year at UAlberta, studying Sociology with a minor in French. You can usually find her cooking or watching a new tv show. If you like food pictures, follow her on instagram @ranzellortega.
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