5 Card Based Party Games

Pretty much everyone likes to play a good party game! They’re usually very easy to learn and understand, so you can get right down to the fun. Check out the rest of the article for five options to bring to your next gathering!


Kittens In A Blender

Image result for kittens in a blender Despite the horrific sounding concept, this is a very enjoyable and cute game. If you’re uncomfortable with the name, just make a “Bathtub” card, call it “Kittens In The Bathtub”, and save your kittens from getting wet rather than being blended.  


The Voting Game

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This one is hilarious, but it mainly only works for groups of people who know each other fairly well, as you basically vote as a group on who you think would be the most likely to do something or be in a certain situation.


Red Flags

Image result for red flags game] There are many different versions of this type of game including Jobstacles and Superfight, but in Red Flags you get to decide who you would like to date based on the card profiles the other players put together from their hands. The red flags come in when another players get to sabotage profiles with negative traits. This one is also extra fun with groups who know each other well as they can play to the personality of the current judge.



Image result for anomia

This one is extra exciting and fast paced. It gets a little loud when you go around the table and continue picking up cards until you get one in the same symbol category (such as the * category) as another player. When this happens, it’s a race to see which player can yell out something that matches the word on the opposite player’s card (such as “a toothpaste brand”).


Unstable Unicorns

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Again, this is a very cute game. In order to win, you must be the first person to build a full “unicorn army” while avoiding obstacles from the other players. This game has a lot of cool expansion packs (including a kittens one!).