5 Brands You Can Feel Good Supporting

I put a lot of thought into the clothing that I wear and that I purchase, so it’s hard to find good companies that support the same values I do. Obviously, it’s better not to purchase new things at all or even buy things second hand but they are times that you might need something new or it’s just nice to shop sometimes, so here are some brands that I think you can feel good about supporting!



Cotopaxi is one of my favorite brands because of its values. Also because their designs are so colorful and creative. Their motto “Do Good” is something they make sure is a part of every aspect of their company. They are also a certified B corporation which means that they put 1% of their profits towards addressing poverty and supporting community engagement. For example, they team up with International Rescue Committee, Escuela Nueva, and even UN Foundation – Nothing But Nets and more programs.

Their Del Día collection is made from remnant materials so it the product can have a lot of random colors but it’s really cool and a good way to use material that other people wouldn’t use.

Some of my favorites: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/clothing-womens/wind-breaker-jacket-womens/cotopaxi-teca-half-zip-unisex, https://www.mastgeneralstore.com/cotopaxi/bataan-del-dia-fanny-pack-3l-169097



Patagonia is similar to Cotopaxi is their goals and what they do but Patagonia is definitely more well known. I personally only have one sweater from them and I got that second-hand, but I still really enjoy their company and the things that they do. Patagonia is also a certified B corporation. They support reusing and repairing of your clothing; they don’t have wasteful ideals. They also support environmental groups by pledging at least 1% of their profits or 10% of their pre-tax profits, they will pick whichever one is higher. So you know that when you buy their products that they will do good things with their money.

 Some of my favorites: https://www.patagonia.com/product/womens-synchilla-lightweight-fleece-snap-t-fleece-pullover/25455.html?dwvar_25455_color=MBPI&cgid=womens-fleece#tile-6=&start=1&sz=24, https://www.patagonia.com/product/womens-capilene-cool-daily-graphic-shirt/45250.html?dwvar_45250_color=SUPI&cgid=womens-new#tile-59=&start=1&sz=84         



Pela is a really cool company that creates phone cases that are compostable and sunglasses that are biodegradable. Their mission is to keep 1 billion pounds of plastic from being created. They want to live in a world that is more zero waste. Pela is also a certified B corporation and they are a Canadian company. I really love what this company is doing so definitely consider them when you’re looking for a new phone case or a new pair of sunglasses.

Some of my favorites: https://pelacase.com/products/coral-turtle-edition-eco-friendly-iphone-7-8-case?variant=19983063318616, https://pelacase.com/products/maya-eco-friendly-sunglasses-garnet-brown?variant=19906588246104



There is a lot of waste associated with having a period. When you use single-use pads or tampons they go straight to the landfill and they don’t degrade very easily. Lunapads is a really cool company that creates reusable pads, period underwear and also provides a Diva cup. If you look up their reviews, everyone loves their reusable pads (they can be used post-partum too!) and they have been making reusable pads for a very long time. Lunapads are also a certified B corporation and they help girls have access to sustainable menstrual products. Honestly, they are just a very cool company that is doing good things and I definitely recommend you check them out and maybe make the shift.  

Some of my favorites: https://lunapads.ca/products/heavy-flow-kit, https://lunapads.ca/products/maia-bikini, https://lunapads.ca/products/the-divacup-size-1


Native Shoes 

I really love this company because they make really cool shoes that are incredibly comfortable and all of their shoes are also vegan. They accept your old Native shoes and use them to create new ones. They make sure that there is a focus on fair trade within their company. I was looking for vegan shoes for a long time so I was really happy when I found this company.

Some of my favorites: https://www.nativeshoes.com/ca/apollo-2-0/211070001505.html?cgid=bestsellers-for-adults&idx=11, https://www.nativeshoes.com/ca/johnny-treklite/411083305969.html?cgid=bestsellers-for-adults&idx=16