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4 Ways to Take a Break From Your Laptop Screen

Most days, before I know it, it's 9 pm and I’ve spent the whole day staring at my laptop screen doing one thing or another. Although it can be unavoidable to stare at your screen for some of your day, your eyes will thank you if you fit in a few breaks here and there. Here are some ways I’m going to do just that:


Print/write out your notes

If you have access to a printer, doing some of your school work by hand will reduce the amount of time you spend on your laptop.


Read a book/listen to a podcast in your down time

Switch out one of your Netflix sessions for some time spent away from your laptop. This way your breaks will feel more distinct from your work time. You can give your eyes a break completely by listening to a podcast or your favourite album.


Set alarms throughout the day

Sometimes you can get so engrossed in work that taking a break doesn’t cross your mind for hours. Try setting a reminder on your phone to remind you to step away from your screen; during this time you can do some quick stretches, or make a snack.


Have some of your meetings on your phone

If you have any virtual meetings that are more on the casual side, try having them on your phone instead of your laptop; you’ll have a lot less intense light reflecting back at you.


Ver-Se Denga

U Alberta '21

Ver-Se is in her 4th year of uni, studying Biology and Psychology and serving as Senior Editor of the UAlberta Chapter. She loves to read and can't imagine a world without Chimamanda Adichie in it.
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