4 Small Steps You Can Take To Be More Sustainable

Has the Climate Change Strike inspired you to be more sustainable? Great! Here are four small things you can do in your everyday life that will make a big impact on our planet: 

  1. 1. Bring a Reusable Cup

    In the UK, around 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown out each year, and only 0.25% of these cups are recycled*. By bringing a reusable cup with you, you can help to change these statistics. Many companies such as Starbucks encourage such a practice and will give you a $0.10 discount on your drink.


    *According to this website: https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmenvaud/657/657.pdf 


  2. 2. Go Paperless

    Save the trees by using your computer or tablet for note-taking, opting for electronic receipts after a shopping trip or asking for electronic statements instead of getting them in the mail!


  3. 3. Shampoo Bars

    Is it estimated that every year, 552 million bottles of shampoo end up in landfills. A very easy alternative is shampoo and conditioner bars. They are extremely practical for travelling, they take up minimal space, last for an average of 60 washes, and are incredible for the environment. Lush (https://www.lush.ca/en/hair/shampoo-bars/) has a great selection of shampoo bars.


    Stat Source https://unwrappedlife.com/blogs/blog/end-plastic-pollution-for-earth-day 


  4. 4. Donate or Resell 

    Do you have any clothes, furniture, or technology that are still in good shape but you no longer use? Try selling it on websites like Kijiji or eBay. Not only do you get rid of something that is taking up extra space, but you also earn some extra money! If selling is not for you, you can always donate to places like Value Village or Goodwill. That way, someone else can use these items instead of them perishing in landfills.