4 Activities to Indulge in This Halloween Season


Halloween is right around the corner, and there are so many fun things to get out and do this weekend to fully embrace the season. Even if you don’t celebrate, these activities are certain to be enjoyable and put a smile on your face!


Go to a haunted house.


This is a classic thing to really get you in the mood for Halloween. It’s fun to get a little scared, and see all the work the creators and actors put into the houses. I usually check out the Deadmonton Haunted House each year, and it is always very well done. Since it is such a popular attraction, lines can be as long as 2 hours to get in, and tickets are $25 ($45 in advance to skip the line). Deadmonton is open until November 4!

Something that caught my eye this year is Edmonton’s First Ever Haunted Show Home. Sterling Homes has done up one of their show homes to look like a haunted house to host the event on Halloween from 3PM-11PM. For entry, they will be collecting donations for Santa’s Anonymous (Click here for a list of most needed toys) and the Edmonton Food Bank (Click here for a list of most needed food items). If you’re easily spooked but still want to check out the house, go from 3PM-5PM as there will be no actors in the house at that time.


Watch a spooky TV show or movie.


There are so many amazing options in this category that you can either watch alone at 2AM on a Tuesday night, or with a group of friends. Whether you’re interested in something fun and family friendly like Twitches or Halloween Town, or something closer to ‘true horror’ like Friday the 13th there is something for you!

Netflix recently released two great shows that I would recommend.The Haunting of Hill House (actually scary) and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (more campy) check out the trailers linked below:

The Haunting of Hill House  

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 


One of our HC Writers also compiled a list of 3 Off-beat Halloween Movies You Need to See


Go to the corn maze.


I recently checked out the Edmonton Corn Maze, and would definitely recommend it. They have an awesome maze, plus tons of other activities (a ridiculously large trampoline) and cute photo opportunities (pumpkins, giant chair, etc.). It’s extra fun to bring a flashlight and go after it gets a bit darker (around 7:30). They allow entrance into the maze up until closing time (9PM on the weekend), but generally would like you to leave the maze about 45 minutes after closing. The only downside is that their final day of operations this year is October 27, so you only have a couple more nights to check it out! Admission is $12 for adults.

Another maze option is at Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm, they are open for a little bit longer until November 2! Admission for adults is $17 plus GST.


Carve a pumpkin.


This is something I am definitely doing this weekend! Pick out a nice pumpkin, grab a stencil (easy to find any style you like), and carve a pumpkin of your Pinterest dreams! You can even roast the seeds for a nice snack.

Pro Tip: Find someone to judge and have a friendly (or not so friendly) competition with your friends to see who can design (and execute) the best pumpkin carving.


Photos courtesy of Unsplash