3 Very Different Podcasts That Serve Different Moods

  1. 1. The Drop Out – ABC News


    This is one of my favourite podcasts of all time because it is incredibly captivating and it follows the life of Elizabeth Holmes and the company she created called Theranos. I was completely unaware of the events that are described in this podcast until I listened to it but what happened is something that could happen in a movie but is very real.

    Elizabeth Holmes attended Stanford University for a short time and then dropped out to create Theranos. This company would make machines that would be able to complete every single blood test out there with a single drop of blood. Obviously this would be an incredibly useful machine for a multitude of reasons and they even got a contract with Walgreens to have their machines in their stores. There was a lot of powerful people invested in Theranos and who believed in Elizabeth Holmes. Unfortunately, this faith was unfounded because these machines did not work like they were supposed to, and actually gave some false results to patients that were incredibly harmful. 

    This all started in the early 2000’s and right now, Elizabeth Holmes could face up to 20 years in prison but her case is set to start July 28, 2020. This podcast trails a story that is even crazier that what I summarized above so I definitely recommend you listen to it in its entirety.

  2. 2. Sandra by Gimlet


    This is an interesting podcast that actually has some famous people attached to it like Kristen Wiig and Alia Shawkat. This podcast is more like an audio book which is actually really great for when you’re walking to classes or to listen to during your commute. It starts off with the main character, Helen, who gets a new job where her role is to be the voice of Sandra when it comes to the topic of birds. Sandra is almost like google home or siri but instead of the voice being artificial, we find out that the voice of Sandra in this world is actually a person’s voice and there are different people for different topics. The story gets wild when Helen goes off script in one of her interactions and crosses a very big line and it leads us on a wild adventure.

  3. 3. Just A Tip – Megan Batoon


    Megan Batoon is a youtuber and a dancer that I really enjoy and when she came out with a podcast I was quite excited. It’s an advice podcast that is quite funny and she also has guests sometimes to help her out and answer people’s questions. She has really good rapport with everyone that she brings on and she’s really personable by herself so this is just a feel good podcast that you can listen to, relax, and of course, laugh.