3 Shows You Have to Watch

  1. 1. Outer Banks

    Outer Banks is a cool new show on Netflix about a couple of high school kids just trying to live their best lives. Their plans go awry when they find a sunken boat that contains a clue about one of their dads who went missing 9 months ago. This leads them down a treasure hunt that is exciting and full of suspense. I finished this series in one day and I’m already excited for the second season!

  2. 2. The Midnight Gospel

    This animated show is created by the same people who created Adventure Time. The main character travels to different worlds while interviewing people for his podcast in space or his “spacecast”. I really enjoy this show because it involves a calming conversation with a very good background. It’s funny too so I think a lot of people could enjoy this show.

  3. 3. High Fidelity

    Zoë Kravitz is the main character in this show and if you love her like I do, then you will love this show. Zoë’s character, Rob, owns a record store in New York. This show revolves around her and her friends while she navigates her love life and becoming secure with who she is. I love this show because it’s funny, relatable and also showcases a lot of good music.