10 Lists to Make When You Need a Little Break

Making lists can help calm us down and give us something specific to focus on. I make lists all the time: lists of things I need to get done, lists of things I need to buy or pack if I’m travelling. Sometimes we need to make lists of things that are less practical and more creative, especially when we need a bit of a break. I find myself making these types of lists when I need a mood lift or I’m feeling overwhelmed, whether it’s because of school or life. It works best when you turn off your electronics, get a cute notebook, your favourite pen, and just write. Here are some simple lists to make when you need something else to focus on!

  1. 1. Things You're Grateful For

  2. 2. Your Favourite Childhood Memories

  3. 3. Books You Want to Read

  4. 4. A Bucket List for The Month or Year

  5. 5. Songs You Enjoy Dancing To

  6. 6. Things That Make You Smile

  7. 7. Places You Want To Visit

  8. 8. Ways You Like to Practice Self-Care

  9. 9. The Qualities You Like in Yourself

  10. 10. The Life Lessons You’ve Learned