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How to Curate Your Own Personal Spring Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TX State chapter.

Spring is finally here, and that means finding clothing that fits the weather and finding clothing
that best suits your personal style! Finding a style that suits you can be hard, but I’m here to give
you tips on how this experience can be fun, easy, and liberating.

Firstly, make sure the clothing you would like to style is appropriate for warmer weather. This
includes pieces that are light, flowy, and breathable! Whenever I think of Spring, I always
gravitate towards light, and pastel colors, but honestly, you can choose whatever color fits the
color palette that best compliments your skin tone. The Spring season also allows you to be
versatile with your clothing options. You can choose garments that can be dressed up, or down,
as well as clothing that can be layered in case there are breezy days in your area.
If you’re looking for a way to spice up your personal style for the Spring, you can look at the
trends that are most popular in this season. Some cool trends I’ve seen would be sheer dressing,
which involves sheer garments that go over lace bralettes, or even over bottoms that give your
garments a flowy, airy effect. Knowing clothing that flatters your figure and makes you the most
comfortable is very important, but stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new
is always fun! Another awesome way to add to your Spring style, would be accessorizing!
Accessories can make a normal outfit go from basic, to fashionable.

Overall, the best way to find your own personal Spring style would be finding clothing that you
feel confident in. Spring is all about letting loose, enjoying the sun, and indulging in activities
that are close to your heart. Whether you decide to go with a minimalistic approach and choose
timeless garments that can be easily paired with clothes already in your closet, or if you decide to
go all out and enjoy the new spring trends that has all the fashionista’s buzzing, make it your

Amaya Weakly

TX State '23

-Her Campus Writing Intern -Senior at Texas State University majoring in fashion merchandising and minoring in business administration -Lover of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle