Have the Best Galentine's Day Ever

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and for a lot of people that day will be spent doting on their significant other. Unfortunately, for us single ladies, this holiday can also often serve as a painful reminder that I am in fact alone and nobody loves me. Valentine’s Day may be the one time of year that nobody can give you the side eye for mourning the death of your love life through massive chocolate and junk food consumption. Lucky us there are many other options for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is not all about hoping your boyfriend finally comes through for you and gets a decent gift. The whole point is to celebrate the love and relationships in your life and who better to do that with than your girlfriends? Having the best gal-entine’s day ever is very simple process.

The first step to a successful g-day is deciding with whom you should spend the day. This is arguably the most important part; assembling your squad requires some actual thought and planning. Decide whether you want the day to have more of a Single-Ladies-by-Beyoncé or the lonely-hearts-club vibe. If you and your friends want to watch romantic movies and cry about how noone will love you like Noah loves Allie, that is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that everyone is fine with that. While sobfests can be soothing, a more upbeat and positive g-day experience can be achieved by simply telling everyone to bring pajamas, wine and their best dance moves.

The important aspect of the galentine’s day festivities is food. Nothing is more off-putting than a hostess with a lackluster snack spread. The promise of free food is usually half of the reason I ever go anywhere. Feeding a group of loveless girls on the most romantic day of the year is no task to scoff at so if you are to be the hostess be prepared to do a bit of leg work and preparation. An easy way to alleviate some of the pressure is to have a food-preparing activity for you and your gals to do. Cupcake or cookie decorating is always a fun and tasty option that requires little work and cleanup!

Also, if you are a guest at a gal-entine’s celebration it is a good idea to pitch in a bit and help the hostess out. After all, it is a celebration of love and friendship so making one person do all the work is not the best way to foster good will. There will probably be a lot of other people staying in and not participating in Valentine’s Day so ordering takeout might take a while. Foods you can easily prepare at home like frozen pizzas or a taco bar are often a better option. If each person brings an item such as pepperonis or salsa, the cost per person will be low while still maximizing the amount of fun had by all.

There are other little things that can help your girl’s night go smoothly like lots of wine and chocolate but all in all, as long as your girls are there, everything else should ultimately fall into place. Even hard things like Valentine’s Day can be fun with good friends by your side and having a slightly tipsy dance party to Beyoncé doesn’t hurt either.