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Get Spring Break Ready–NOW!

Spring Break brings with it images of girls in bikinis and boys in American-flag printed swimsuits, coolers full of beer and a lot of pressure to look good on the beach. Don’t stress! While you probably look great already, there are several simple, fun ways to get your body looking the best it can for the sooo stressful task of hanging out at the beach for a week. 

Stick to water. Soda can add an unnecessary amount of sugar to your daily diet. By simply swapping out your daily Diet Coke for water, the pounds will fall off. You might think quitting Diet Coke cold turkey is a sin, but it’s good for the mind, body and soul. You’ll feel lighter mentally and physically!

Many try extreme dieting, calorie counting and every wacky plan there is out there. Unfortunatley, counting calories and tracking everything you eat can be a major stressor. If you want to get healthy and look great without having to buy a calculator, just be simple about it! Instead of eating a cookie, grab some yogurt. Making easy swaps during the day can really be your friend.

Another good rule to follow when trying to get in shape for your trip, make sure to sweat once a day. Head to the gym before class, and make sure to take the stairs.

If you’re uninspired in the gym, do this “Full Body Meltdown” courtesy of Pinterest, also know affectionatley as the Fitness Bible. The ever-opular FB conists of:

40 Jumping jacks

15 Squats

20 Lunges

40 Mountain climbers

5 Burpees

50 Bicycles

20 sec. Superman

5 push-ups

40 High knees

20 vertical leg crunches

30-secon Plank

40 Mountain climbers

Repeat the meltdown three times every other day. If all else fails, hop on to YouTube and do 8 Minute Abs!

Sleeping is important for every day life, but super important when trying to get in shape. You’re body needs time to heal and rejuvenate every night. All the wear and tear your body experiences during your workouts leaves a lot of stress on the body. Sleep acts as a de-stresser for your mind and body.

Combine healthy swaps, daily sweats, and good sleeping, you should be Spring Break ready!



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