Campus Celebrity: Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton is a busy woman. The 20-year-old Mesquite, Texas native divides her time between several activities and commitments including the Texas State chapter of the National Panhellenic Council (on which she serves as president), the Public Relations Student Society of America, a sorority, and Student FoundationThroughout her time at Texas State, Sutton has truly made a name for herself on campus, garnering attention, awards, and countless friends.


HC: You’re involved in so many different activities and organizations. How do you manage to divide your time between them while balancing school and some semblance of a social life?

SS: As cliché as this may sounds, I live and die by my daily planner. There is no other way to stay on top of a busy schedule. I take the time to map out my week day by day, making sure everything is organized and concise. But everything I’m involved in is enjoyable for me, so it’s hard to get too stressed out about it. I wouldn’t have it any other way, really.


HC: Over the past few years, you’ve scored some pretty impressive leadership positions and nominations—including Homecoming Gaillardian. What’s been your favorite moment or achievement so far?

SS: Being appointed Panhellenic president was such an incredible moment for me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I first came to Texas State, so to see it happen was just amazing. There’s so much I want to accomplish this year, and I can’t wait to really get started on everything. One of my main goals is to really paint Greek life in a different light. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes that I want to get rid of. I want to really encourage people to get involved in outside organizations and really just shatter the stereotypical sorority girl image. Just like with any group of people, there’s a big variety and I want to showcase that.


HC: What are your plans after graduation next May?

SS: I’m a public relations major, so I really want to work in the field professionally. Preferably, I would want to work with a corporate firm. And I definitely want to stay in the Texas Hill Country. I’m from the Dallas area, but I just fell in love with the beauty of the Hill Country. I want to stay in the Austin or San Antonio area for sure. One thing I’m really passionate about is becoming an active Texas State alumna. I want to come back for Homecoming and see everyone and check on how things are progressing up here. I can’t wait for that, really.


HC: What advice would you give to freshmen or maybe even upperclassmen wanting to increase their involvement at Texas State?

SS: You know, it took me a while to find my niche here. I generally just stuck with my sorority and always felt like there was more I could be doing. I started to join organizations and just felt so fulfilled. I felt like I was really giving back to the campus I really just loved so much. So to those wanting to get more involved, my advice would be to just jump in with both feet. Test the waters, attend some meetings, and really figure out what you’re looking for. Your time in college will be so much better iof you feel like you belong, and there’s a home for everyone here.