You're Registered to Vote...Now What?

This year’s upcoming election has seen one of the biggest voter registration campaigns in recent history. I’ve been seeing reminders to vote everywhere, from my Instagram feed to chalk art on my campus. As women, it’s a super important year to exercise our rights, because it’s the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Even if you’re already registered and sick of seeing the reminders everywhere (because same), there’s a lot more you can do to get yourself and others ready for the election.

  1. 1. Make Your Plan to Vote

    mail in ballot with mask by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

    Whether you’re planning on voting early, on election day, or by mail, make sure you have a concrete plan. Especially if you plan to vote in person, give yourself lots of extra time in case of lines. For some inspiration, my friends and I plan to vote first thing in the morning on election day and get breakfast afterwards to treat ourselves!

  2. 2. Watch the Debates

    Even if you already know who you’re voting for, it’s always good to be informed on where the candidates stand on important issues. It’s also a good way to have some talking points when discussing politics with others. If not for any other reason, the debates have certainly been entertaining this year!

  3. 3. Phone Bank

    Woman with curly hair waving and saying hi to someone through her laptop.

    It might come as a surprise, but you don’t have to be a political expert to participate in a phone bank. It’s a super easy way to make a large impact by talking to potential voters about the election. The feeling of making a direct impact on our democracy is really gratifying. 

  4. 4. Get Voting Apparel

    If you want to remind people to vote without saying a word, this one’s for you. Michelle Obama’s “vote” necklace that she wore at the Democratic Convention sold out almost immediately. Everyone from Etsy sellers to high-fashion brands are selling apparel for voters, so there’s something out there for everyone. It also doesn’t hurt that every time I wear my “vote” shirt I get compliments!

  5. 5. Educate Yourself on Lower Positions and Referendums

    Even though the presidential election is the most important election, that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the state and local elections. Do your research on the platforms of the other races that will be appearing on your ballot this year. It’s also easy to gloss over referendums, which are one of the most direct ways to voice your opinion on potential laws.

November 3rd is coming up fast, so don’t delay on picking some projects from this list to complete. See you at the polls!