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Your Unofficial Senior Bucket List

With the final weeks of school quickly approaching, it’s important to make sure that as seniors we pencil in hours for quality time in New Orleans in addition to class and job searching. While there is a virtually unlimited list of activities to do and meals to eat, here are my 6 “must-do’s” we need to accomplish before May 14th:

Cross the final items off of your culinary bucket list

Try the chicken wings at MOPHO, the shrimp poboy at Parkway or the oysters at The Blind Pelican. New Orleans is home to arguably some of the best food in the world and there’s no time like the present to enjoy it if you plan on moving away post-graduation (plus I’m officially declaring that pre-grad calories don’t count).

Eat at Bruff one last time

As much as you hated it by the end of sophomore year, there’s something to be said for reliving the glory days with one last nostalgic trip to your favorite place. Rumor has it there’s been some improvement including the reliable presence of silverware.

Decorate your grad cap

For the less crafty among us, make use of that massive box of leftover Mardi Gras beads and the hot glue got your housemate randomly owns and go to town. For those of us who live for trips to Michael’s, check out these awesome creations that former TU grads crafted here for inspiration.

Go to Jazz Fest

Embrace the senioritis and take a day off from studying for finals (if you’re one of the seniors unlucky enough to actually have them). Anything can wait when it’s one of the best weekends in NOLA complete with delicious food and great music.

Eat crawfish at the fly

Grab your friends and capitalize on the beautiful weather we’re currently enjoying. Take the time to enjoy their company (not to mention the delicious food) and savour the last couple weeks of college!

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