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You Know You’re a Senior When…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

You know you’re a senior when…


1.     The thought of going to The Boot or The Palms makes you miserable


2.     …Unless you’re trying to bring The Palms back (pledge class shout out)



3.     …And unless it’s Boot happy hour



4.     No one is allowed to say “graduation,” because it freaks you out.



5.     Thinking about the future gives you a panic attack



6.     This never happens to you anymore (at least not on campus):



7.     You’d rather have a tall, healthy glass of wine than any other drink



8.     You’d rather have a tall, healthy glass of wine in bed with Netflix than go to F&M’s on a Thursday night


9.     Your friends say you need to go out on a Wednesday “because you’re a senior.”


10. Your friends are with their boyfriends, and you’re just hanging in your room alone.

11. …Or if you’re in a relationship, realizing you and your boyfriend have to talk about what you two will do after college.


12. You don’t care how you look going to class, even if it’s right after going to the gym.


13. This is the only way you can deal with going to a fraternity party.



14.  You either have a ton of homework to do



15. Or you have absolutely no homework to do



16. Either way, you really don’t care about homework/class




17. There are a few things you did in college that you regret, but you’ve learned from your mistakes


18. You know you’ll always have your friends, even after college is over.

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