Work from Home Essentials

Zoom school, work calls, computer meetings… spending most of our time indoors has become second nature. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 41.8% of the American workforce continues to work remotely. Personally, taking my college classes in my childhood bedroom was not an easy task. It was impossible to separate my school space from my lounge space—all I wanted to do was take my classes laying down in bed. My grades definitely reflected my lack of motivation and discipline. Since then, I have improved tremendously and there are a few essentials that have transformed my online class experience. Here they are!

  1. 1. Perfecting Your At-Home Coffee.

    Good morning written in coffee

    This saved me during online classes. Having a go-to drink that woke me up and got me excited for the day was essential. Whether you use a coffee machine or buy bottles of cold brew, find what works for you and run with it. My personal favorite is the Stok unsweetened cold brew with oat milk or a double shot of espresso with frothed oat milk!

  2. 2. Separate Your Lounge Space From Your Workspace.

    Women siting on her bed

    Find a place in your house where you can focus without distractions. At home, my desk is crowded with clutter and is inches away from my bed. I transitioned to the dining room and left my phone upstairs so that I was able to maximize my productivity time without being tempted to crawl into bed.

  3. 3. Get Out Of Your Pajamas!

    Pajamas, fashion: Please help support by following @dayinmydreams on Instagram xoxo Girl lies comfortably in a white bed in luxury blue silk pajamas, hugging her best friend white husky dog. This is the kind of happiness people live for.

    This is a tough one. During quarantine, I would stay in my fuzzy pajama pants all day. I have found that even changing from pajama pants to joggers or leggings makes all the difference. If you are out of your pajamas, it is just another reason to do work!

  4. 4. Create Your Ideal Workspace.

    MacBook Air beside gold-colored desk lamp

    Working with what we have can be hard. Find cute and affordable desk organizers in the dollar section at Target and make your desk a space you look forward to doing work.

  5. 5. Study Playlists.

    person holding a black vinyl record

    I always struggled listening to music while doing homework because I would play my favorite songs and get distracted, but also sometimes the outdoor noise is too much. I love listening to coffee house or lo-fi study beats playlists on Spotify. They are already made for you so just shuffle it, put the volume on low, and get to work!

These tips and tricks helped me improve my online class/work experience. Whether you try one or all, I hope something sticks with you!!