Why Celebrating the High Holidays at Tulane is a Great Experience

Tulane is a school with a densely packed Jewish population. As a result, the high holidays are much talked about and well celebrated on campus. Tulane’s Hillel and Chabad make it well known that they include everyone to celebrate the holidays, and enjoy an over-the-top family-style dinner together. I personally am a huge fan of Tulane’s Chabad. Leibel and Mushka (the family in charge of Chabad) are some of the kindest, most welcoming people on Tulane’s campus. They refuse to turn anyone away for the holidays, and will always accommodate those interested in joining them for dinner.

            Celebrating the holidays away from home can feel a little overwhelming. The school work load is in full force, but we realize this is the time to celebrate our heritage and remember the importance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Attending even one traditional dinner provides for a great break, stress reliever, and moment of comfort as our families celebrate without us at home. Hanging with friends while enjoying a festive home cooked meal is exactly what everyone needs in the middle of these heavy testing weeks.

            The environment of Chabad is amazing. Everyone is so happy to be there with both their friends and with other members of the Jewish community. From salad, to pasta, to brisket, the food never disappoints. There is something for everyone. Even on a regular Friday night dinner, the Chabad volunteers serve at least four courses, leaving everyone full and content. Leibel and Mushka often speak about the joy it brings them to host this wonderful community. It feels really good to be a part of something so special. For that, I highly encourage everyone to attend at least one dinner to celebrate the high holidays at Tulane. You will not regret it.