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Why babysitting is better than a summer internship

It's about that time of year when deadlines are approaching and summer plans begin to be the only topic of discussion. While you're surfing the internet for the most prestigious internship and realize your only options are unpaid, 8+ hour days in the human resources department...remember there are alternatives: babysitting!

Last summer, I spent my days by the pool and in the children's room at my local library. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and guess what? It did not stunt my professional development. Here are a few reasons babysitting should be on your radar for summer 2015

  • The hours: Not every parent needs someone from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Babysitting doesn't confine you to business hours on a ten week schedule. It can end up giving you a lot more free time, and still give you the resources to enjoy time with your friends; which brings me to my next point..
  • The salary: Do I even need an explanation for why tax-free, high hourly wages are SO worth it? Saving up money during the summer can even allow you to get more involved at school without having to worry so much about the financial strain of having a job during the semester. 
  • The responsibility: Anyone who thinks their internship is harder than watching a three and four year old 35 hours a week should switch places with you for a day. There is a lot to be learned when someone else's kid's lives are in your hands. Not only does it teach you a lot about responsibility, but about making smart decisions; especially when there is an emergency.
  • The stories: This comes in handy in two ways. First, when dealing with small children, there is NEVER a shortage of hilarious questions and answers. I came home with a gold mine of short stories and anecdotes for every occasion. Second, my babysitting "story" from last summer lent a hand toward a GREAT graduate school application essay. 

So don't forget...when the internship search gets daunting there are other options! Babysitting suited my needs last summer and taught me about my own capabilities just as much as any fancy office job. 

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