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What to Order on a First Date: The Big 3

Recently, I was asked on a date to get sushi and immediately wondered: what should I order… am I going to look fat if I eat too much… will he think I am a gross eater? All of these questions consumed my mind and I immediately took to Google to find my answer. There were so many different blogs and advice columns, but I never was able to find a consistent answer. With that, here is my personal take and a universal guide to help you figure out what to eat on a first date.

Be Yourself

My first piece of advice is, just be yourself and order what YOU want. Dates are a good way to get to know someone, and if you order food you do not like, or in a smaller portion than what you usually eat, the other person may not get a good sense of the real you. This is your first show case to a potential partner, and without thinking too much into it, the best way to ensure a good connection is just being yourself.

Eat Beforehand

If you are scared of eating too much or don’t want to rack up the bill because of your love for food, prepare yourself a snack or small dinner before going out. The worst thing for you is to become hangry when meeting someone new. If you like to eat a lot no worries, no one is judging you, but if you do plan on splitting the check, or expect the other person to pay for dinner, ordering multiple dishes may not be the best first impression. Things like nuts, fruit, salads, or a sandwich are great options to fill your stomach a little before meeting your date.

Avoid the Mess

Some people are worried about making a mess while they eat, so try staying away from messy foods that can easily fall apart like, burgers, tacos, a packed sandwich, etc. Also, things with a lot of sauce like spaghetti, could get on your shirt or fly into your date’s face. Maybe try ordering an easier-to-control pasta, like penne, or a salad. Maybe even sushi with small pieces or a chicken dish that can be cut into small bites would be a better option.

Lastly, remember that not every person you go on a date with is going to care what you eat or what you look like when you eat. This is all subjective, and as long as you are having fun, being safe, and vibe well with the person, messy eating and large portions are the least of your worries. Go meet your person!

Amelia Fox

Tulane '23

Amelia is a junior at Tulane University, studying English and Communications. When not in class or writing for Her Campus she likes to go for walks, listen to Podcasts, and find new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to keeping her material informative, but also personal, connecting with the reader and sharing her experiences with each topic.
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