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What it’s Like to be Broke in College, According to Leonardo DiCaprio


When you start off school in the fall, you feel like you have tons of money.

Whether it’s because you have cash saved up from your job, your student loans finally came in, or your parents sent you off with back-to-school spending money, you feel fiscally fantastic.

Any time your friends ask if you want to do something fun (and expensive) you say yes without thinking.

Sure, lets go out to eat for the 15th time this month. What a terrific idea!

The tiny voice in your brain that belongs to a responsible adult is all like:

*~*judging you*~*

But the rest of you is like:

Life is too short to not have fun!

This lasts until the end of the month, when you realize you only have $4.23 in your account—you’re completely surprised.

Where did it all go?!

Your friends ask if you want to go do something (that costs money) but you’re literally too broke to say yes.

Instead you stay watching re-runs of Friends, sadly eating ramen noodles while you despair over your self-induced destitution.

After you’ve already resigned yourself to a life of austerity until you get more money, something inevitably happens that requires cash that you don’t have.

Hello, car problems!

Shopping websites keep emailing you, taunting you with tantalizing sale offers and new arrivals. But you’ve got to work with what you already have in your closet.

And even though it’s winter, you’ve decided you can live without turning on the heater—electricity costs money, y’all. 

Now you finally get why your dad spent so much time yelling at you to keep the front door shut when you were younger. 

You’re tired of the food you have in the fridge. Your brain says:

But your wallet is like, “Nope!”

We’re having cereal AGAIN.

So when clubs send you emails about free food at meetings, you’re basically like:

You wish you could call money on the phone.

You don’t care if it’s desperate.

But eventually you get used to it. You tell yourself that being broke builds character.

You resolve to learn from your mistakes and to be as frugal as Scrooge McDuck in the future.

That is, until you get your next paycheck.

Byeeeeeeee money! It was nice knowing you.

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