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Tough Choices Made Easy

As young adults, we are confronted with a whirlwind of difficult decisions on a daily basis. Whether you are choosing a study abroad location, picking a college major, or even deciding on a restaurant for dinner, as the number of options increase, so does the uncertainty.  We often get so caught up on “making the right choice,” that we lose sight of our priorities.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. 


ChoiceMap is a free and practical app that helps people make logical and efficient decisions. No, the app does not make the decision for you, but rather it guides you to the right choice based on the decision factors that are most important to you. 

First, you list your options and priorities. Then, you rank your options based on your priorities. The app then works its magic and presents you with your ordered list of options from best to worst, based on the extent to which they meet your priorities. 

Could it get any simpler? Get ready to start owning your decisions, ladies. 


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