Top 5 Skincare Tips For the Lazy College Student

I won’t lie, I’ve always been a little lazy when it comes to my skin, and college hasn’t helped at all. From being out too late or too busy studying, I could always find a reason to neglect my skin. It wasn’t until I started breaking out like crazy that I realized something needed to change. It took some time, but I finally found ways to find ways to hack my own bad habits and save my skin. Here are my top 5 skincare tips for other students as lazy as me: 

1. Keep Micellar water and cotton pads by your bed

I’ll be the first to admit that after a late night out, no part of me wants to take the time to take off my makeup (no matter how raccoon-y I know I’m going to look in the morning). However, keeping Micellar water by my bed makes it way easier as all I have to do is a wet a cotton pad with the water and quickly wipe off all my makeup. I don’t have to wash it off or even leave my bed. Plus the Micellar water is better for my sensitive skin than makeup wipes.

2. Find products that double duty

We all know that we should wear sunscreen, but sometimes the morning can feel too rushed to put on oily sunscreen, wait for it to dry, and then put on makeup. That’s why I found a sunscreen that doubles as a primer. That way I’m keeping my skin protected but also giving myself extra time for sleeping in.

3. Do time consuming skincare products in the shower

If you’re using a cleanser you have to wash off, there’s no harm in doing it when you take a shower! Just rub it into your skin then hop into the shower to wash it all off. It saves time and your skin will feel amazing when you get out. This also works for when you want to use a clay mask, but hate how long it takes to remove it.

4. Find a short routine that’s easy to follow every night

Don’t overcomplicate thing. Personally, all I do cleanse, tone, and moisturize. If I’m feeling fancy I might throw a serum into the mix, but having that simple, set routine has made it way easier for me to actually do.


5. Make your nighttime skincare routine relaxing

I love using my routine as a time to wind down from the day (preferably while I’m watching Netflix). It makes it something to look forwards to, rather than a chore to keep me from breaking out. I’ll sometimes use a sheet mask to really amp up the relaxation.