Top 5 Healthy Food Essentials to Keep in Your Dorm Room

Top 5 healthy food essentials to keep in your dorm room


1. Oats. A lot of time we wake up minutes before our first class and skip breakfast. Although this might seem like a fine idea at the time, it is really important that we eat breakfast every day. Oats are something that anyone can make quickly. Oats are versatile because you can add different toppings such as fruit or nuts to give it a different taste.


2. Light string cheese. String cheese is a super easy, grab-and-go type of snack. Cheese can have a lot of fat, so make sure to get a low fat or light string cheese. They are a great snack for in between class or in between lunch or dinner. Cheese has protein, so it is a great way to curve your hunger without eating too much.


3. Quest Bars. It took me quite some time to come across a protein bar that I actually enjoy. The oatmeal quest bar is low in calories, high in protein, and actually tastes great. They are great for a quick breakfast or even a mid-day snack. I enjoy heating them up for a couple seconds in the microwave because they end up tasting like a warm cookie!

4. Fresh fruit. Fruit is a very good snack and breakfast. Fruit is a carbohydrate so it is a great food to eat pre or post working out. Fruit also contains many antioxidants that help prevent against illnesses. Getting sick in college is so frequent, enjoying a cup or two of fruit a day can help prevent that annoying cold everyone seems to have.   


5. Greek Yogurt. Similar to string cheese, Greek yogurt is a healthy form of dairy that contains a lot of protein. It is a lighter snack that has just enough nutrients to hold you over from one meal to the next. They are small and don’t take up too much room in your fridge. Greek yogurt is also a great snack because it comes in a variety of flavors and is carried by a variety of brands.


Overall, it is very easy to get caught up in munching on snacks that are high in sugar and calories. Staying up to date with fresh and healthy groceries is essential for staying healthy in college. In addition, having exclusively healthy foods in your room will help you avoid binge eating bad foods such as chips and crackers.