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This is it. The finish line of the first semester is almost here. The only barrier? The dreaded tests, papers, and projects that loom over our heads. For me, procrastination typically kicks into gear when I least expect it. I typically stay on top of all of my academic responsibilities, but it appears the procrastination bug has bit me at the worst time this semester—during finals week.


But no fear! I’ve found some tips and tricks to manage the frustrating side effects of procrastination. By combating procrastination, I’ve been able to fight back the urge to just binge Netflix and stay in my dorm. Instead, I’m studying and making the most out of my week left in NOLA before winter break.

Get off-campus if you can

PJ’s, you’ve definitely been a savior and a quick fix in times of fervid studying. Honorary mentions also go to the B-School and Howie T. However, I propose the radical idea of taking your studying off-campus for finals. After a semester of studying in the same places, these tried-and-true locations have lost their shine as study spots. Plus, they tend to become extremely crowded around finals. Uptown coffee shops like Z’otz, Rue de La Course, and Mojo Coffee House have been my go-to for the past couple of weeks.



Now is the time to ask yourself what you want to prioritize academically. Is it really important to ace this Calculus test because you’ve been working so hard this semester? Or is Microeconomics more important because you want to raise your letter grade?

Regardless of what you are prioritizing academically, it is necessary to place your mental health above else. Make sure you have the resources to deal with stress and other issues that arise during the finals season. Sleeping, eating, and other vital activities don’t detract from how you study. Getting enough sleep and eating correctly during this week can only help you succeed. Nothing is worth more than you as a healthy, thriving person, not even a grade.


Make the environment conducive to your studying style

I’m such a huge advocate for coffee shops because I study best with ambient noise. My dorm isn’t the cleanest right now, so getting off-campus and into a place where it isn’t messy also helps with my focus.

Make modifications to your environment to get the most of your study time. If you work best at the B-School but the building is sometimes too loud or busy, book a Breakout Room or bring headphones. Find what works best for you and your learning style.


Reward yourself

The Tulane Bubble is real. I can go weeks at a time solely eating Bruff and LBC, staying in my dorm, and going to classes. If you have time after your last final, treat yourself by trying something new. Take a walk in Audubon Park, check out the caroling in Jackson Square, or eat at a restaurant you haven’t heard of.


Good luck on finals!

Hannah Ellis

Tulane '22

Tulane Senior majoring in Latin American Studies and Finance.
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