Thing To Do Before You Leave Nola (That Will Also Help You Detox From Finals Studying)

As sad as it is, we only have two weeks remaining in New Orleans. Ending my first year at college is extremely bittersweet, as it has been such an amazing and enriching experience to attend school in New Orleans. While I will spend countless hours studying for finals, I will make sure to take breaks to take in New Orleans before I leave for home. Here are a few things I recommend that you do before departing that will also help calm you before finals.

1. Take the Street Car

If you have a nice chunk of time for a solid break, go on the St. Charles Street Car. While it may not be the most convenient mode of transportation, it is certainly inexpensive and scenic. Take the street car to an area that you want to explore, such as the French Quarter, before you leave.

2. Go to a Nice Dinner with Friends.

Going three months without your friends will be hard, but you should cherish the moments that you have with them while you are still on campus. What better way to say goodbye before parting your ways through treating yourself to a nice dinner with friends? Last semester, my friends and I went to Shaya after our last finals, and it was so nice to celebrate and congratulate ourselves for our hard work and successful semester through treating ourselves to upscale dining.


3. Explore A Place or Neighborhood You've Never Been To

Even though it is super easy to take an Uber and go explore New Orleans, it seems that Tulane students normally just stick around uptown. However, there are lots of areas in New Orleans that you should make an effort to explore before leaving for the summer. Go explore City Park or head to Bywater and check out restaurants over there.

4. Take a Walk in Audubon Park

As cheesy as it sounds, a walk through Audubon Park will allow you to take in your final moments in New Orleans and reflect on your experiences before you go. Plus, people say that you should take a break in between hours of studying, and what better way to do so than going to the park? Nature relaxes me, and getting fresh air rejuvenates my system and is the perfect way to forget about finals for a short moment.

5. Make A Countdown for When You Return to New Orleans

Because New Orleans is the best city and you cannot tell me otherwise. If you're like me, then you are already anxious to begin the 2019-2020 school year. Instead of being sad that you are not in New Orleans, create a countdown on either a calender or an app to remind you that you will be back in Nola before you know it.