Thank you, New Orleans

This is my last article for Her Campus Tulane, an organization that I have been a part of since my freshman year of college.  I joined not too long after its formation and can safely say that it has been one of my most rewarding experiences as a Tulane undergrad.  While the articles I have contributed mainly focused on current events and fashion trends, I decided to shift gears to something more personal for this final piece.

I owe you, New Orleans.  Thank you for being my playground for four years.  Your vibrancy is unparalleled.  The politeness of your locals will always throw me off-guard.  Beauty is seemingly around every corner.  At Jazz Fest this past weekend, the band Arcade Fire affirmed, “New Orleans is the last city that is strictly itself.”

While I am returning to my native New York post-graduation—to attend Columbia University for a graduate course in publishing—I cannot thank this school and this city enough for all that it has taught me.  Whether I was learning in the classroom or exploring beyond the bubble that is Tulane University, my experiences here are incomparable to, frankly, any other college in the country.

The latest hashtag to sweep social media has been 100 Happy Days.  For a while, I was tempted to join—until I realized that this place has given me so much more than #100happydays.  New Orleans has made me happy ever since I landed five years ago as a prospective student.  I would count up all the days since then, but if you know me at all, I’m not so good at math.  Instead, I have created my own hashtag to leave you with: here’s to #NOLAhappydays!