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Tech Time: Declutter Your Email With Unroll.me

Life is busy. Your inbox shouldn’t be…




Tired of having your inbox blown up with too many unwanted emails? Wish there was an easy way to declutter your life? Well wish no more, Unroll.me is here! 

Tech Time presents the 5 Q and A’s you need to know about Unroll.me before you get started: 

1. Q:What is Unroll.me?

A: Unroll.me is an email management program that easily helps to organize your inbox so you get the emails you want to read and say adios to the ones you don’t!

2. Q: How much does it cost?

A: It’s free!

3. Q: What’s involved in setting up Unroll.me for my email?

A: Easy! You simply select “get started” on their homepage and enter your email. You will then be promted to “Add to rollup” or “Unsubscribe.” If you “Add to rollup”, those emails will be collected in your one-a-day Unroll.me email!

4. Q: What happens to my emails now?

A: Unroll.me prides itself on being “easy on the eyes”, creating a newsletter with all of your emails within a 24-hour period. Best part? You can select the time in which you recieve your newsletter. Are you a morning person? No problem! You can have Unroll.me deliver your newsletter in the morning over coffee!

5. Q: What happens if I don’t want to read my email in a newsletter?

A: Good news! Unroll.me has thought of this too! You have the option to read you email in your inbox, viewing it like you would any other email. 

Tech Time Conclusion: Once again, technology has made great strides in making our lives easier. Get started with Unroll.me today and spend time doing things you actually want to do, clearing out your inbox, no longer has to be one of them. Happy decluttering! 



Erin is an (almost) graduate of Tulane University, graduating with an BA in English. She has enjoyed being a member of Her Campus Tulane and leading the chapter this year alongside Brittany Kottler. After graduation, she hopes to move out to the Bay Area to fulfill her dreams of joining the tech industry. 
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